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Beyond science and religion can be a radio show that discusses the big questions

In the same way that Darwinists adopt probability and inanimate matter as creative entities, similar imaginings have been once adopted as idols just by societies with warped beliefs. Above: Images depicting the Sumerian water idols.

– The essence with the religion of Darwinists is their nonsensical belief in chance that violates each of those science and reason. In fact, any rational mind is pretty able to conceive which no complex entity will come into being spontaneously, as a result of chance, but absolutely must be the product of a conscious plan. However, much like pagans who worship the idols they’ve already crafted with their own hands, Darwinists believe with false deities.

– This nonsensical belief that Darwinists have adopted bears an exceptionally close resemblance to your beliefs of ancient questionnable cultures. In the much unique way that pagans believe that inanimate idols created everything, so evolutionists and materialists feel that inanimate matter created all living things. (Our god is surely beyond these kind of.) They claim that even their own human bodies are the sum total of assorted coincidences.

– It’s unacceptable for students to be taught Darwinist shamanistic religion under the name of science. What they need are generally courses in biology that have been purged of this shamanistic religion.

– This Turkish public laughs at the ruses resorted to by local evolutionists, because they cannot prove evolution with slander and aggression. Any evidence they’ve already, they should put send, whereupon everyone can effortlessly distinguish between truth and error. For months today, the exhibitions of fossils taking place all over the country have helped the Turkish public know that living things never experienced evolution.

– It’s expected that evolutionists exhibit fossils if they have any. At minimum, they should display a few of them in the central headquarters or gardens of Turkish daily newspapers such as Cumhuriyet, Vatan and Hurriyet, or in such heavily frequented public spaces which include Istanbul’s Taksim Square and Ulus in Ankara. Once they cannot do that, then they should cease their defense of evolution. They have no intermediate-form fossils to show, because such things for no reason existed.

– Just about every fossil that evolutionists have put forward as a proof of evolution has turned out to be a fake or else misinterpreted. “Piltdown Man, ” for example, turned out to be described as a hoax. The tooth of Nebraska “Man” developed into from a fossil boar. The coelacanth has been caught alive-and unchanged-since 1938. All the skull and bone fragments that allegedly show your human evolution tale have been proven to be either those of present-day people or else of species of ape that have become extinct.

Evolutionists conjure in place creatures that never really existed and hire skilled artists to produce “reconstructed” models and illustrations-which they use to try and convince people that evolution can be a scientific fact. This fake evidence is displayed in newspapers, magazines and museums. Nevertheless these depictions reflect nothing beyond their makers’ imaginations. No such entities exist inside fossil record. Yet evolutionists themselves finally fall under the spell of this false evidence they’ve already created with their own hands and to believe in that religion of Darwinism.



According to the Shamanistic Religion of Darwinism: the main living organism formed spontaneously.

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